Squirrel monkey

The squirrel monkey is curious and not a bit shy! Learn more about the little monkeys.

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When compared to their body size, squirrel monkeys have the largest brain mass among primates - including humans. Their responsiveness is so good that they can even catch insects out of the air.

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Naughty - cheeky - squirrel monkey

Pippi Longstocking's little monkey "Mr. Nilsson" is a common squirrel monkey and thus a close relative of the Bolivians, who are at least as cheeky and nimble. Tending a sack of fleas is probably no more difficult than taming the little group of Herberstein animals. It's not for nothing that the little ones are called “ squirrel monkeys ” in English. No branch is too far away, no trunk too steep for them not to reach their destination.

Tierwelt Herberstein

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Infinitely curious and not a bit shy, the whole gang literally sticks to the window as soon as something stirs outside. What remains are the deceptive, damp fingerprints. However, these do not come from sweaty hands! No - they urinate on their hands and feet in order to permanently mark their territory. In the strictly hierarchical group, the lower ranks are also marked in this way by the higher ranks wiping their fingers on their fur. This clearly makes it clear who is in charge here.

Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis

eng .: Bolivian Squirrel Monkey

  • Class: Mammals (Mammalia)
  • Order: monkeys (primates)
  • Family: Capuchin (Cebidae)

  • Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil, Peru
  • Habitat: rainforest
  • Endangerment status: least concern (1)

  • Weight: M 0.6-1.1 kg, W 0.4-0.8 kg
  • Size: KL 23 - 37 cm, SL 37 - 47 cm
  • Life expectancy: 20
  • Gestation period: 5 months (1 cub)
  • Diet: omnivores (fruits, insects, small vertebrates, nectar, flowers, buds, seeds,
  • Leaves, tree sap, nuts, eggs)
  • Activity: diurnal
  • Enemies: birds of prey, cats, humans

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