White baroque donkey

Previously kept as a pet and now critically endangered. Find out more about the rare donkey!

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The white baroque donkey is not an albino, its light coloring is caused by the cremello gene. Due to the lack of dyes, the skin is pink and the eyes are water-blue.

baroque donkey

Domestic donkeys are descended from the African donkey and were domesticated more than 6000 years ago. For a long time, they served as riding and draft animals and performed tasks that were later taken over by horses. The frugal companions are only used as pack animals to this day. Here they are mainly used in mountainous regions. Unlike horses, donkeys are not afraid of heights. Donkeys are also used to protect herds. Very alert to canine predators, they can effectively protect herds of sheep and goats by alerting herders to imminent danger.

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The donkey is often accused of being stubborn and stupid. If he is overwhelmed with a situation, he remains rooted to the spot. However, this behavior can be easily explained. A headless flight would possibly be fatal for the donkey, which often lives in rugged and mountainous terrain, unlike the steppe animal horse. But if he stops first, he can assess and evaluate his situation and then decide what he wants to do next.

The white baroque donkey is less a farm animal than a hobby animal. Because of its pretty white fur, it was kept as a pet for better-off women and children in the Baroque period. The white donkey with the blue eyes is threatened with extinction, there are only around 250 specimens worldwide.

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